QuickBoot 1.0.4

Boot your Mac using another drive or partition


  • Boot from a partition or external drive
  • Restores default boot settings automatically


  • Can be dangerous for beginners

Not bad

Whatever your reasons are for doing it, booting your Mac from another disk is never an easy task. Thankfully, programs like QuickBoot are around to make life a bit easier for you.

Not only does the application allow you to boot from a different drive, but you also get some interesting options, such as the ability to restart your system from a partition or an external device.

One of the good things about this is that after resumption with QuickBoot, the system will reboot from the default drive next time you use it.

Although the program makes it easier to boot from another disk (such as Windows, for instance), you still need to take care with it as incorrect use can lead to problems with your Mac.

QuickBoot is a small application designed to make it quick and easy to boot another drive/partition like Windows and have the system boot back to your default system after.

QuickBoot comes with no guarantee. It just may cause problems with your computer, you use this at your own risk. This is also unfinished at this state, missing some checks that might prevent possible booting problems.

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QuickBoot 1.0.4

User reviews about QuickBoot

  • by Anonymous

    Awesome app!.
    !Using it for about 2 years. Happy from the firs use till now!.   More